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Back Pain & Disc Injuries Testimonials

*Testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed, and should not be considered typical.

Lower Back Pain, Arm Numbness Relief

I was completely out of commission because my entire body hurt with neck and back pain. Thanks to Dr. Kimes I can do everything I want again. - Allison B.

My Neck and Back Pain are Gone, I'm Sleeping and Working Again after just 2 Weeks with Dr. Kimes !

Herniated disc with severe low back pain

I'm hiking & biking again after years of not being able to due to low back pain

How Dr. Kimes cured my severe low back pain & got me back to work again

I can get in and out of my car now! No more low back pain! I'm so much better with Dr. Kimes

Suffering from Headaches & Low Back Pain with Pinched Nerves. Now Playing with My Kids & Off Drugs

Miserable Low Back and Hip Pain. Couldn't Get Out of Bed Now Feeling Marvelous

Really Bad Low Back Pain. Couldn't Put My Pants On or Do Housework. Now Feeling Normal with Energy

Couldn't Bend to Tie My Shoes due to Mid Back & Low Back pain. After 3 visits Almost 100% Better

Couldn't Jog or Do Sports Because of Back Pain. Now Doing All Sports Again

Nurse with Back Injury & Sciatica. Off Work for 2 Months Couldn't Sleep Now Working Again & Sleeping

Seeing the results and couldn't be happier

Horrible back pain gone. Sleeping better & able to get out of bed.

It's A Huge Difference In My Lower Back Pain

Now Running Daily After 5 Months Of Horrible Back Pain

Working Out Again My Low Back Pain Is Over

3 Yrs Terrible Low Back Pain Relieved Golfing Now

Severe Neck Pain & Low Back Pain, Now I Am Pain Free

Extremely Fatigued & In Pain, Now Full Of Energy

Chiropractic Care For The Entire Family

No Other Doctors Could Help, Only Dr. Kimes

Car Accident Victim, Extreme Low Back Pain & No Energy. Now Energy Replenished

Years of carpal tunnel and wrist pain gone in 2 weeks

Low back pain cured now swimming & cycling

Middle back pain is over sleeping well again

Shoulder pain ends after my car accident

Dr. Kimes saved me from neck & back surgery

Severe low back pain gone in 4 days

My low back pain is gone! I'm running with my dog again!

Hip pain gone and back on the court playing professional tennis again!

Hiking and jogging again after previous back and hand pain!

Until I saw Dr. Kimes, I tried everything and nothing was working.

Big Skeptic! Not anymore since seeing Dr. Kimes.

Low back pain cured! How I got my life back?

Severe low back pain now ended, able to attend my college classes again.

(Here I am giving Dr. Kimes all the drugs I don’t need to take anymore!)
“I started to have really bad Low Back Pain and Tailbone Pain after falling while roller blading in the 5th grade. I also had been suffering with Asthma (Cough, Bronchitis, Difficulty Breathing especially during exercise). These conditions made my life miserable. I was put on Steroids and Pharmaceutical drugs for my condition which did not help me and gave me side affects of nervousness, jitters, and loss of appetite (This worried my mom because I would not eat breakfast!)."
“I am so happy to be well now and I no longer have poor health. Dr. Kimes’ Specialized System of Corrective Chiropractic care to adjust my subluxations (spinal misalignment causing nerve interference) that were affecting my organs has help restored my central nervous system, has given me back my life, and gotten me off all the drugs. I would recommend Dr. Kimes’ specialized care to all people who want to be healthy without drugs by having your brain send the right signals to all your organs."

- Elizabeth Lawson

Salinas Chiropractor
Elizabeth Lawson

I had multiple injuries due to my career as a professional motorcycle racer.
As a result, I developed severe low back pain, upper back pain, and pain in my shoulders. I was doubtful that I would ever be able to do what I love the most, which was to race motorcycles again.
Thanks to Dr. Kimes’ advanced system of chiropractic care, I have been able to return to the professional racing circuit with my best performance ever, both on and off the race track! Thanks for giving me my life and career back and keeping me on the race track winning!

- Jeremy Chisum
  Professional Motorcycle Racer.

Chiropractor Salinas CA
Jeremy Chisum

I had been suffering from daily allergies for 26 years. Overtime, because of the allergies I began to develop headaches which transformed into migraine headaches. I experienced migraine headaches 2-3 times every week for the past 10 years. I took over-the-counter drugs such as Advil, Tylenol, and Migraine Excedrin; anything I could get my hands on to make the migraine headache go away. I would come home from work daily with a migraine headache, they were so severe that I would tell my daughter to leave me alone so I can sleep it off. It robbed my daughter of quality time together.

The migraine headaches became so intolerable that I had to see a medical doctor who prescribed with the drug, Imitrex. This drug provided temporary relief, yet the next day the migraine headache came back.

I started chiropractic care with Dr. Kimes and a month and a half later my daughter noticed that I was not in my room daily sleeping the migraine headache off. I did not have any allergy attacks a month and a half into care and I had no need to purchase Sudafed or Claritin.

Since starting care with Dr. Kimes 5 months ago, I have had only 1 migraine headache! Most noticeably, my low back pain is completely resolved as a result of chiropractic care.

I did not share with Dr. Kimes that for 9 years I suffered pain to the right hand. I would have my daughter massage my hand to help alleviate the pain on a regular basis. My right hand pain completely resolved under Dr. Kimes’ chiropractic care.

Chiropractor Salinas CA
Yvonne Melchor

  Stop Suffering From Pain And Discomfort.